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EOSC Pillar has adopted a service maturity model developed by EOSC-Nordic WP3


One of the first achievements of EOSC-Nordic WP3 was the development of a Service maturity model, an easy-to-use tool for evaluating existing and future services for EOSC compliance. Applying this model makes it easy to assess whether a service is good enough for inclusion in the EOSC Service Catalogue. The secondary purpose of the Maturity model is to motivate service providers to enhance the maturity of their services by providing them a model against which they can benchmark. Thus, the Maturity model can be used for progressing services towards becoming an EOSC service and improving service quality for the existing EOSC services.

Remarkably, the effort of WP3 has attracted the attention of the EOSC-Pillar project that aims to coordinate national Open Science efforts across Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy. As described in EOSC-Pillar’s Deliverable 7.3, the maturity model assessment tool of EOSC-Nordic was used as a starting point to assess the readiness of the currently provided services in EOSC-Pillar. To match EOSC-Pillar’s scope and use case, the proposed Maturity model was modified by applying minor changes to existing requirements. In addition, the classification settings of the model were modified to mandatory or optional instead of the original three-level based classification. Furthermore, EOSC-Pillar’s assessment tool included data repository requirements specific to data repository owners or managers offering data repository as a service. As a result, the updated evaluation framework consisted of 44 requirements regarding service management, data repository, accessibility, legal requirements, sustainability, and EOSC architecture compatibility.

The modified assessment tool was used to evaluate the maturity level of 17 services currently provided by EOSC-Pillar partners. The analysis indicated that the services achieve an overall average (64,7%) level of compliance to the service delivery requirements. Hence, they already comply with most of the EOSC on-boarding validation criteria and are ready to serve a broader range of users. The specialists of EOSC-Pillar are in tight contact with the EOSC-Nordic WP3 team to exchange information on the different versions released of the maturity tool.

The EOSC-Nordic maturity model is accessible here

Read the EOSC-Pillar’s Deliverable 7.3 on Zenodo