Knowledge Hub

A joined coordination of EOSC relevant initiatives within the Nordic and Baltic countries will be launched in 2021.

We are collecting and sharing information

  • A KnowledgeHub will be developed in order to collect and share information from Nordic and Baltic countries
  • The new Hub will contain information on research infrastructure providers, FAIR data approaches, Open science policies and use cases
  • Project results such as guidelines, recommendations, and user experiences will be openly accessible in an open web portal
  • The Knowledge Hub will also deliver information with respect to events, training, workshops and future calls within research infrastructures

What does the Knowledge Hub provide and for who?

  • The information is delivered by experts in the respective countries through cross-border working groups / work packages
  • We target a diverse group of stakeholders ranging from universities, researchers, ministries, service providers and policymakers
  • We feed regional learnings into the EOSC community. “If we can do it – They can do it “