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EOSC Nordic Five Objectives (read the following paragraphs)

Objective 1

EOSC-Nordic aims to facilitate the alignment of the delivery of horizontal services by improving interoperability practices across the national initiatives. This is to establish a truly coherent environment where services can work and be combined together to enable seamless access to resources. This project addresses interoperability issues at the four levels identified by the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) (organisational, semantic, legal and technical) in order to facilitate the integration of the services with EOSC.

Objective 2

This will include identifying and engaging with prospective service providers and supporting their integration with the EOSC catalogue, service management framework and operational environment. Particular attention will be paid to services, which can be “opened up” to users beyond their initial, local customer base. By integrating services with EOSC core components, such as EOSC portal, federated AAI, marketplace, and helpdesk, our goal is also to simplify access to these services across the Nordics and beyond.

Objective 3

EOSC-Nordic will work in close collaboration with FAIRsFAIR and other relevant initiatives (such as GoFAIR) on data management to promote best practices and support the adoption of relevant certification schemas. We will also address the question of incentives and develop a set of recommendations for the uptake of FAIR practices across EOSC.

Objective 4

The project will demonstrate the potential of EOSC by piloting innovative solutions, designed to support cross border research collaboration, using the Nordic and Baltic countries as a testbed environment. We will focus on a series of demonstrators addressing different parts of the research and data life cycle: discovery and re-use, analysis and post-processing, data management (including sensitive data management), sharing and archiving. The solutions which will be tested and validated by research communities leverage existing services (from national e-infrastructures and/or research communities as well as core EOSC services and components provided by pan-European initiatives involved in EOSC) and are suitable by-design to spin-off on a cross-border environment such as EOSC.

Objective 5

EOSC-Nordic will consolidate and expand a distributed network of experts and service operators at local and national levels. A distributed team will be created involving experts within and from outside the consortium to deliver training and technical support to new service providers and communities willing to engage with EOSC, during and after the project lifetime.