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EOSC-NORDIC FAIRification study testing FAIRsFAIR F-UJI tool


The FAIRification initiative for repositories run by the EOSC-Nordic project aims to consistently integrate datasets, soſtware, publications, and other research outputs for researchers. The way to do this is to adhere to the FAIR principles to make research data more reusable and science more transparent, efficient, and trustworthy. To achieve this, interesting cooperation and synergy between FAIRsFAIR and the EOSC-Nordic projects emerged where the EOSC-Nordic FAIRification team used and tested the automated FAIR evaluator (F-UJI) tool developed by FAIRsFAIR to measure the FAIRness of the repository’s (meta)data.

In the EOSC-Nordic FAIRification project, we defined a sample size of about 100 repositories and evaluated the FAIRness of their (meta)data. We aimed to guide and coach the repositories to a higher level of FAIRness by hosting a number of webinars and selecting topics that had generated a relatively low FAIRness score and where we felt improvements could be achieved. In this process, we have made several concrete conclusions that could be helpful for similar projects where data sharing and FAIR are relevant.

Read the FAIRsFAIR adoption story on the EOSC-NORDIC FAIRification study testing F-UJI on Zenodo.